Forced Entry

A look into a woman’s rape fantasy.

Deliciously Inappropriate


A man forces himself inside a woman’s home and rapes her. (A rape fantasy)

It was almost 2 AM in the morning. I went out with some girlfriends to go clubbing and I was tired ready to crash for the night. This was our weekly Friday ritual. After a night of dancing and drinking, we could forget about the workweek and put it all behind us for a couple of days.

I fumbled with the keys at the front door. When I unlocked the door and opened it, a man from behind grabbed me and forced himself into the apartment with me. “Let go of me!” I cried. He held onto me roughly shutting and locking the front door. I saw him waving a gun in my face. He then slapped me hard across the face with his other hand and pushed me up against the wall. Tears sprang…

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