I just wanted to sleep…

I’m drifting a way into a river full of dreams that runs into a waterfall that drops into an unknown galaxy. I can no longer tell if I’m here or there, if what I see is real or imagined. I imagine it’s an imagination but when does imagining end?

They told me it wouldn’t last forever and I asked them “what does?” They couldn’t answer me. The cybernetics that now made up 68.75% of my body was what they were alluding to wouldn’t last forever. The surgery was a success, as far as you could call becoming half machine a success.

My dreams were no longer my own and I had felt as though there was always someone watching me. I often times mistaken this new presence for God. The God I believed in before, I no longer knew if he, or it, was there.

I just wanted to sleep and not wake up until my body was back to the way it was when I was ten years old and growth was limitless.

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2014 Season-ending Show: Goodbye My Love & Thepublicblogger Awards – Day One


Presenting to you the 2014 ThePublicBlogger Awards!!!

Originally posted on Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger:

Please welcome, from Miami Florida,
underground recording artists…
Swift Slay

by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia,
of La Puente California

The urge,
the need…
is always there,
calling like a lover spurned.
Fragments flicker to life
then fade away,
before they can prosper,
like the spark of a matchstick
too humid to light.
fold unto themselves
from the weight
of expectation.
Then the moment passes,
the muse…
is gone,
like the foggy memories
of a dream
lost in the space and time
between slumber
and consciousness.
Still the urge,
the need…
is always there,
calling like a lover spurned.

Season-ending Show

original score by Fiyaman, Baltimore Maryland
set design by Keyur Panchal, Ahmadabad India

written, edited & directed by Kendall F. Person,
Sacramento California

We hung on as long as we could, but when the horn sounded the 4th time, we knew that we had to say…

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After Sony, Every Startup Should Prepare For War


I’m going to write a completely separate op-ed article in regards to this.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

The battle between Sony and what the FBI believes are North Korean hackers may be at its end, but the war for the security of the enterprise is just getting started.

Companies have been rapidly transitioning their legacy systems to modern IT technology like cloud services, hoping to save money and improve performance in an increasingly competitive world. And while security has always been one of the key demands of CIOs in making new purchases, security itself almost never sells products – features do. That’s why startups focus so much of their attention on getting their products right, and often tack on security engineers later in the development process.

If it is not already clear from the events surrounding Sony the last few weeks, technology startups are increasingly the battlegrounds between all sorts of forces, from hacker gangs to pariah states. Companies rely on their information technology for their most…

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The Realm Of Venture Circa 2014


Love the visual; saving for a future meditation

Originally posted on TechCrunch:


[tc_dropcap]Today’s venture capital landscape has never been more complex, and it will never again be this simple. It’s hard for entrepreneurs to navigate and VCs to differentiate. [/tc_dropcap]

And while many believe increased competition has driven valuations up, that simply doesn’t tell the full story.

It’s time to set aside the Battle of the Bubble talk from this past year and consider the benefits to the complexity we see. Entrepreneurs have more options for raising capital, investors have more options for where to allocate their resources, and VCs have every reason to stand out by defining who they are and what their focus is.

Incumbents often find it tough to accept, but disruption is almost universally a good thing. That holds true for books and cabs, and it holds true for venture, too.

As a VC, I live and breathe this reality. But in talking with our limited partners and the entrepreneurs…

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Those Special Berries: 100-Word Challenge Wk. #158

She loved it when I used the berries. She sees them now and her body is tantalized with the memories she can never again relive.

I can tell how much she misses me from the stares she takes at a bowl of mixed fruit filled with cherries, pineapples, slices of bananas, straw-, blue-, black-, goose-, rasp- and her favorite; huckleberries.

Those were her favorite because they were available in the local market near our log cabin in central Washington State, on the outskirts of Chester Morse Lake, where we would escape to share our birthday week that stretched from the end of August to the beginning of September.

The berries are now no longer useful as they were when I once lived albeit they will forever symbolize the passion of our deepest intimacies.

Inspired by…

Let’s CUT The Crap posts, who has been following the 100-word challenge and invited me to join!

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Forced Entry


A look into a woman’s rape fantasy.

Originally posted on Deliciously Inappropriate:


A man forces himself inside a woman’s home and rapes her. (A rape fantasy)

It was almost 2 AM in the morning. I went out with some girlfriends to go clubbing and I was tired ready to crash for the night. This was our weekly Friday ritual. After a night of dancing and drinking, we could forget about the workweek and put it all behind us for a couple of days.

I fumbled with the keys at the front door. When I unlocked the door and opened it, a man from behind grabbed me and forced himself into the apartment with me. “Let go of me!” I cried. He held onto me roughly shutting and locking the front door. I saw him waving a gun in my face. He then slapped me hard across the face with his other hand and pushed me up against the wall. Tears sprang…

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Our Featured Presentation: Addiction

Smiles may evoke joy, but they may hide pain. Eyes may show promise, yet can’t speak their despair. If you’ve ever struggled with anything you may even have an inkling or thought that it is an addiction, often times only first seen as a “problem” or my thing, then please be open about it and speak to someone. It could mean all the difference in the course of your life.

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